Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Else Is Playing Tonight?

Here are this evening's other Central Collegiate Hockey Association games taking place in venues:
  • Ohio State at Alaska
  • Michigan State at Lake Superior State
  • Bowling Green State at Miami
  • Michigan at Notre Dame
  • Northern Michigan at Western Michigan
Comments: Ohio State and Alaska is a battle of two of the top four teams in the conference and should be interesting as the Buckeyes are up in Alaska looking to steal some points. The Spartans are in last place in the league trying to climb out of the basement (and overcome some turmoil including a troubling incident that led to the suspensions of two of its players following a game against rival Michigan) against a solid Lake Superior squad. Michigan is going to battle against first-place Notre Dame in what should be a great series in Indiana that a lot of people will have their eyes on. Northern and Western are teams trying to creep up in the standings behind schools like Ferris.

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