Friday, February 6, 2009

Intriguing Battle

Over the years, Michigan State has typically been the favorite in contests against Ferris, but this year is slightly different. The Bulldogs might be a slight favorite in this series. Still, expect the Spartans to come out and play well this evening on home ice against the Bulldogs.


  1. MSU's Rick Comley is an all-time great who will get his due someday but is going thru his most miserable season. Ferris has to be aware that sooner or later MSU will snap out of it and start flying around. I remember Rick when he coached at Northern and Ferris played there in the 1980 CCHA Championship series.

  2. The Spartans have their share of talent and you know they're going to breakthrough. Bulldog fans are hoping that breakthrough does not occur this weekend in either East Lansing or Big Rapids. So far, however, MSU is looking good.