Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michigan Energy Conference Poster Awards

Ferris President David Eisler and HVAC Professor Doug Zentz presented 10 awards to students for their "Energy Challenges" posters.

Group Awards:
5. "Coal-fired Electricity Plants" Aaron Schmit and Micheal Trebish
4. "Wind Energy in Michigan" Chad Billins and Taylor Nelson
3. "Home Built Wind Energy" Jeremy Ruthig and James Williams
2. "FSU Arboretum" Tim Bergman and Zach Mcintosh
1. "Water Sustainability" Abigail Buchin, Shane Keshwah and David Zeeb

Individual Awards
5. "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycyle" Megan Ferguson
4. "Conquering the Energy Crisis with Sustainable Design" Mark Yager
3. Wood Biomass: Fueling Ferris State University" Jeff Baysarowich
2. "Sustainable Efforts" Joshua Westhouse
1. "Michigan Energy Initiative" Alex Dekok

Congratulations. There were over 50 entries!

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