Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Competition gets underway at SkillsUSA

The Automated Manufacturing team of Josh Ferris, Frank Kruger and James Wolf got things rolling for Ferris today. They were the first group of Ferris students to compete at SkillsUSA. The three man team is the only team. The rest of competitors from Ferris, Kyle Busse - Graphic Communications, Jon Vance - Technical Drafting and Shane Wilcome - Diesel Equipment Technology will have their competitions tomorrow.

The competition hall is all set up with everything you can imagine and others you can't all right next to each other or across the aisle way. One side has culinary and baking competitions while the other has plumbing and welding - almost like Iron Chief meets Holmes on Homes.

Check back tomorrow for an update on Ferris' three other competitors.

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