Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ferris Ospreys Hatch One Chick

The first of 3 chicks has hatched....check out the Campus Osprey Web Cam to see!!
Click on the image for a full view....visit the Osprey Web Cam at


  1. Hi. The crew over here at Westview has been watching the Ospreys for the past month and we have named the new chick "Woody" in honor of Woodbridge Ferris. He is cool to watch especially when the dad flies in with a fish to feed him.

  2. I named the egg it Shelly, but when it hatches I changed its name to Tiny...which will probably change again when it gets bigger!

    I named the adult ospreys Sally and Cooper. I'm not in Big Rapids, and watching the osprey make me feel like I'm still at home. =)

  3. I thought I saw 3 eggs, one hatched, and now I only see one egg left. There should be 2 chicks wandering around.

  4. Did anyone see what happened to the 2nd bird, we thought we saw it hatch yesterday, but now don't see it.

    Incidently in our office, we named the chick June, because she was born the 1st of June. We just refer to the adults as Mr & Mrs.