Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welding Engineering Technology Program Expands to Meet Needs

Welding Engineering Technology Students Get An Early Start

BIG RAPIDS – Most students start their college programs in September or January; Ferris State University’s Welding Engineering Technology program has introduced May as another option.

In 2005 the admission standards for Ferris’ Welding programs were increased. In turn, so did the demand for the programs. As the number of Ferris’ Welding Technology associate degree students increased, so has the Welding Engineering Technology admissions – reducing the number of community college and other transfer students allowed into the program.

Welding professor Dave Murray approached the welding faculty in Fall 2008 to open a summer session to meet the needs of the transfer students. The department formulated an academic plan and presented it to the College of Engineering Technology leadership in January 2009. Once approved in late March, the new session was filled within two weeks, said Jeff Carney, professor and department chair of Welding Engineering Technology.

“In recent years we have only had one or two transfer students, and they didn’t bond as quickly,” said Murray. “The students we have this summer are a very tight knit group and really feel like they are a part of Ferris.”


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  3. Great opportunity for the students. They have learned a great skill for them, good for them.
    Guys! Keep up the good work.