Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Faces of Ferris: Daniel Adsmond, Professor of Organic Chemistry

Adsmond, 2009 Distinguished Teacher Award Recipient

Dr. Daniel Adsmond doesn't teach to get rich or to enjoy some sort of celebrity status at Ferris State University.

Adsmond, Ferris' 2009 Distinguished Teacher Award recipient, largely teaches for those special moments when he sees with his eyes or hears with his ears that his students get it. Watching the learning process unfold, within students, has been and continues to be gratifying for one of the University's celebrated teachers.

"I've always enjoyed teaching," said Adsmond, an Organic Chemistry professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, who realized his passion for education and helping others at a young age. "One of the things I've always enjoyed about teaching is watching the light bulb turn on in a student's head and you know they get it."

He added, "I love seeing students begin to feel enjoyment in the learning process."

Adsmond started at a young age when he tutored his older sister in geometry. Even in his youth, the seeds for a fulfilling career as an educator were being planted and nurtured. Over time, those seeds have blossomed into something special.

Time has only made his commitment to education and helping others grow stronger.

For the complete story on Dr. Adsmond, visit Ferris State University's new Faces of Ferris Web page:

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