Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Analysis Of Results Of Ferris State University's Diversity Plan

BIG RAPIDS - Ferris State University’s Diversity Plan includes this goal, “Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse student population.”

Ferris is enjoying success with the first part of that charge—recruiting a diverse student population. In a Sept. 8, University-wide notice, President Dave Eisler stated the following, “Fall enrollment figures also include some wonderful gains in diversity— African American enrollment has increased by 5.34 percent, Hispanic enrollment has grown by 14.29 percent, and Native American enrollment is up 15.74 percent.”

As the table to the right shows, the Ferris student body is more diverse today than it was in 2006. These are impressive gains in a post-Proposition 2 state. This increase in diversity is a result, in part, of aggressive recruiting by admissions officers and creative initiatives like the OMSS Imagine More Student Life Bus Tour.

It should be noted that the numbers for Asian American and “Foreign” students have leveled off and in some years decreased.

These findings are available (along with the chart) in the Expect Diversity newsletter.

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