Monday, October 5, 2009

Ferris State University: Writings on the Wall Aims To Break Down Barriers

Ferris State University students are working to break down the walls that divide people:
The Writings on the Wall Project @ FSU highlights hateful words and stereotypes by means of a physical wall display. Through constructing, displaying, and then destroying the wall of hate, the Writings on the Wall Project @ FSU heightens our awareness to and is positive action against oppression and discrimination.

As our friend and colleague Cristina Daniel reminds us, “Walls are representations of the barriers that you put up to shield yourself from the elements from which you wish to hide.”


The Writings on the Wall Project @ FSU is a student-led initiative to engage our University community in a shared experience that inspires all to get involved, collaborate, and take action against oppression, hate, and discrimination.

  1. To create an environment for student learning that is inclusive and sensitive to a diverse student population (Diversity Plan Strategic #4)
  2. To provide a visual educational program to the Ferris State University community about diversity and inclusion
  3. To educate faculty, staff and students about the University’s definition of diversity, which encompasses the full range of human differences
  4. To assist individuals to understand the impact of their words on others
  5. To show the power of collaboration to create a learning experience and positive change
  6. To empower members of the University community to become agents of change and promote a shared commitment to learning, equity, and social action
  7. To bring awareness of University resources to aid students, faculty, and staff.

I would encourage people to open their mind and check out this intriguing and important project.

For more information:

Date: Monday, Oct. 5
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: Campus Quad
Contact: Bryan Lochan:
Contact: Christina Daniel:
Group/Organization: Diversity and Inclusion Office

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