Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ferris State University's Andy Karafa To Celebrate Martin Luther King Day In Flint

The Detroit Free Press has a brief about an interesting event taking place in Flint involving Ferris State University Psychology Program Coordinator and department head, Dr. Andy Karafa. As many people are aware, this is the time of the year where people around the country and the world begin to think back about what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has meant to this nation and to citizens of the world with his messages of inclusion, peace, nonviolence, diversity and equality.

At Ferris State University, the 2010 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, with the theme "The Jim Crow Era: Then & Now" kicks off next week on campus. Dr. Karafa has been a part of the work of the 2010 MLK Celebration Planning Committee. Beyond the work that he has done on campus, however, the message below shows that he is expanding to go beyond the FSU campus in his travels across the state of Michigan.

Here is the note about Dr. Karafa's event:
Celebrate Martin Luther King Day: With Andy Karafa from Ferris State’s Jim Crow Museum. View the Fair Housing Display, which shows the struggle in 1967 when residents staged a sleep-in in from of City Hall. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon. Sloan Museum, 1221 Kearsley, Flint. 810-237-3450. Free.
To learn more about Andy, who has been employed at Ferris since 2000, visit his biography page:

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