Friday, January 8, 2010

Find Out More About Ferris State University And Its Family Connection

BIG RAPIDS - Ferris State University is more than just a bunch of buildings, parking lots and classrooms.

A significant part of what makes Ferris great is the people who have built and maintained this University during the last 125 years. People and families built Ferris (beginning with our founders Woodbridge Ferris and his wife Helen Gillespie Ferris) and have worked hard to maintain this institution. The passion that started Ferris 125 years ago continues today with so many wonder families that continue to make Ferris a special place from generation to generation.

Families choose Ferris because they trust Ferris.

Find out more about the Ferris Family Connection.

Here is a small taste in the form of an introduction from President Eisler:

We are delighted to have your student and you join the Ferris family. I remember many of the questions Patsy and I had when our children were beginning college. To help answer your questions, we offer a special e-mail newsletter for you, parents of our Ferris State University freshmen.

A Ferris education can change your student's life, creating lifelong opportunities. Certainly a college education is one of the greatest single investments a family will make in their student's future. We invite you to join our team of parents and Ferris professionals to make sure your student has the best possible university experience.

We'd like you to talk to us, as well. Please fill out our survey to let us know your interests.

Welcome to the Ferris family!

David L. Eisler, President

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