Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome To Another Year Of The Festival Of The Arts

BIG RAPIDS - Welcome to the 2010 edition of the Festival of the Arts. This is our third year of the reincarnation of this idea originally started by Dr. Dacho Dachoff to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ferris State University.

This year we are pleased to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ferris State University with this Festival. The Festival has grown from a Ferris event to a true community event as we continue to build bridges between both ends of Michigan Avenue with the wonderful participation of the City of Big Rapids, the Downtown Development Association, the Downtown Business Association, Artworks and numerous businesses and individuals throughout the community.

Local artists have blessed us with their participation. Local businesses and churches have opened their facilities to host various events of all kinds to help enrich the lives of people through the arts. Combined with the talent that we have been able to attract to come to Big Rapids to complement our local talent, we are truly blessed to see what wonderful things the arts can do for a person’s life.

The Festival committee has been fortunate to have the continued involvement and untold hours of work from Scott Cohen, Bill Donahue, Mark Gifford and Ed Mallett in planning this event. This year we have been fortunate to have Carrie Weis join us, and I think you will find her contributions to be very enjoyable and enriching.

Whether you enjoy the arts in the form of music, drama, architecture, painting, welding, glass blowing, stained glass, dance, theatre, writing, oratory, photography or any of the other many forms the next 32 days of events will provide you, we trust that the choices you have will help the gray days of February fly by and leave you asking for even more involvement of the arts in your lives.

We hope you will enjoy this year’s Festival and look forward to your attendance. If you have events that you would like us to consider including in the 2011 edition of the Festival please forward those ideas to any member of the Festival of the Arts committee.

Bruce Dilg

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