Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check Out The College of Education And Human Services Newsletter For Spring 2010

A letter to friends and alumni of the College of Education and Human Services at Ferris State University.
Welcome to the Spring Semester 2010 Newsletter! I hope that you enjoy reading it and continue to participate as active alum and friend of the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS). Remember when you graduated, you were told, “Once a bulldog, always a bulldog.” Well, the bulldog values and bulldog spirit that were so evident when you were a student at Ferris State University continue to be important, especially now.

The College of Education and Human Services had a successful Fall Semester which started with an increase in enrollment and ended with a spectacular hooding ceremony prior to the Commencement on December 19, 2009. A hooding ceremony is a traditional event in which graduate students, who complete their courses of study, receive crimson, gold, and blue velvet and satin hoods, denoting that they graduated from the College of Education and Human Services at Ferris State University. Participants in the hooding ceremony were recognized for successfully completing either the Master of Criminal Justice Administration, Master of Science in Career Technical Education, or Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with various options.

I know that you have been paying attention to the Michigan and national economies and hearing about budget reductions and various financial scenarios that are not too bright. In these times of trouble, however, the College of Education and Human Services is preserving, staying true to its mission, and not sitting back and waiting for things to happen. In fact, the College of Education and Human Services is growing on campus, off campus, and online. Between the Schools of Education and Criminal Justice, the College offers its programs in ten locations around Michigan through partnerships with community colleges.

Currently, various departments are in discussions about offering programs at three additional community colleges, including Recreation, Leisure Services and Wellness possibly partnering with Kirtland Community College. Lastly, the programs in this college have articulation agreements with most of the community colleges and career tech centers in Michigan. Dynamic curriculum changes are another way that the College can be proactive in troubled times. The administrators and faculty are listening to practitioners and alumni as well as paying attention to the laws, public interests, and trends to develop and adjust curriculum offerings. This responsiveness is paying off with new enrollments and an improved reputation.

Last week, I visited a community college where an administrator told everyone in the meeting that I represented Ferris State University, and it is very innovative. Within the next year, I will have lots of news about new curriculum offerings, showing that he was correct and we are the College of innovation.

The programs are positioning themselves for external funding opportunities. This positioning can be done through providing professional development for practitioners, grants, donations, and partnerships. My colleagues and I are looking for more ways to fund scholarships for the many students who are in dire straits right now. Lastly, the College is practicing frugality and doing more with less by being good stewards of the public trust.

Again, despite the times, the College of Education and Human Services is doing well. You should be very proud to be an alum and friend of the College.

Michelle Johnston, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Check out the full newsletter: http://www.ferris.edu/htmls/colleges/educatio/Editor/Files/COEHS-online-news.pdf

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