Friday, April 23, 2010

Student Government President Gould Presented Northern Lights Award

BIG RAPIDS - Ferris State University Student Government President Claire Gould received the 2010 Northern Lights Award for Civics on behalf of Ferris Student Government and the 1,100 FSU students who volunteered for The Big Event.

The Big Event, in its second year, is a Student Government service project that provides a platform for Ferris students to go throughout the Big Rapids area to engage in a variety of projects that allow them to give back to the community and get to know their neighbors.

The efforts of the Ferris students to go out in the community for these projects that strengthen the bond between the campus and community have been applauded. Mecosta County Medical Center Community Relations/Foundation Director Thomas Hogenson commended the students "for their leadership and friendship in bringing this excellent project to the community ... and for making it possible for my neighbors to once again see my house over the hedge in my front yard."

In all seriousness, The Big Event has helped strengthen the bond between members of the Big Rapids community and Ferris students. Added Hogenson, "This program exemplifies the best in citizenship and youth leadership and that it must be recognized in the Northern Lights process."

Earlier this year, Ferris Board of Trustees member Sueann Walz was honored as a Northern Lights award winner for management and business, as reported by the Big Rapids Pioneer. The Northern Lights award is presented annually by the Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors and honors people for their contributions in the community.

In the photo, Claire Gould is pictured with Thomas Hogenson

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