Monday, May 24, 2010

Ferris Helps Prepare Next Generation of Community College Leaders

Are you considering a career in community college leadership? Ferris State University’s recently approved and accredited Educational Doctorate in Community College Leadership is the program for you.

It’s the combination of courses from the colleges of Business, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Professional and Technological Studies that provide the business core and interdisciplinary approach which establish this program.

The Ferris Doctor of Education focuses specifically on community college leadership making this degree unlike any other higher education degrees offered in Michigan.

With its distinctive mix of degrees, from associate to doctoral, Ferris understands and is poised to help the next generation of community college leaders tackle an increasingly complex set of challenges.

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  1. Chandler Cheeks Sr.July 6, 2010 at 1:28 AM

    My name is Chandler Cheeks Sr. and I will be graduating this fall with my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Ferris State University. It has been 17 years since finally reaching this objective. I have been employed with the Michigan Department of Corrections since separating my Junior year in 1993 currently as a Lieutenant/Captain. With a motivated pursuit for a Master's Degree in CJ Administration, I believe the Doctorate Program program is essential in developing successors with real life experience from a student's perspective. This program will assist in identifying current challenges educational institutions will face from a current student's perspective. Institutions with the ability to motivate, influence and assist the new age traditional student's goals will rise to the top of the educational chain of excellence. The current new age traditional student fails to comprehend the significance of an education beyond academics and employment. Identifying how education improves the development of self and sound moral character will one of the most challenging objectives with this program. Upon completion of my Master's Degree I will unhesitantly apply for the Doctorate program myself. I believe in Ferris State University and want to invest into the institution which so greatly invested in me.