Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From The Desk Of The President: Adjunct Faculty Status Update

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler to Ferris State University:
Ferris State University administration and a group of non-tenured faculty seeking to organize a bargaining unit through the Michigan Federation of Teachers have agreed on a description of who would be included in the proposed Ferris Non-Tenure Track Faculty Organization.

Included in the proposed bargaining unit would be all Ferris non-tenure track faculty who provided direct classroom instruction at the Big Rapids campus for three or more credit hours per semester in any two semesters within the previous four consecutive semesters, or who are employed to provide direct classroom instruction for three or more credit hours in the fall and spring semester in the current academic year.

Approximately 80 non-tenure track faculty members who have been identified as meeting the bargaining unit inclusions and who were on the University payroll as of April 1, 2010 were mailed ballots last Thursday, June 10. The Michigan Employment Relations Commission will oversee the election and count the ballots, which have to be mailed back to MERC by July 1.
We will have more items from the desk of the president this week.

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