Friday, June 25, 2010

Outstanding Graduate: Kelsey A. Schnell

Kelsey A. Schnell is the latest example of an outstanding graduate Ferris State University is producing and sending out in the world to make it a better place.

Schnell, perhaps best known at Ferris for his work as editor-in-chief of the Ferris State Torch student newspaper, cherishes his time and accomplishments at FSU as he looks forward to the future.

Here is a small portion of a feature story that was first published in Points of Pride and later featured later on the News Services Web site:

Kelsey A. Schnell smiled with pride as he graduated this May with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science.

The inspiration behind Schnell’s smile runs deeper than earning his degree. The Bay City native is also smiling for his great aunt, Marjorie Denison, who died on April 23, 2010.

“Aunt Marge” was a major part of Schnell’s Big Rapids support system.

“Her doors (both the house and refrigerator) were always open to me,” Schnell says. “Before she passed away, I put on my cap and gown for her, and pride was clearly visible in her smile.”

Remembering his great aunt, her advice is still ringing in his ears.

“We were kindred spirits. I would stop over to her house a few times a week and update her on my life, have a cup of coffee and just talk,” Schnell recalls. “She was an educator for Big Rapids Public Schools and an important figure in the community. She was always so humble and kind. She would say, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’ She was right.”

For the complete story, visit the News Services Web site.

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