Saturday, July 24, 2010

Check Out The Latest Faces Of Ferris Featuring Fritz Erickson

The Faces of Ferris series continues with an entry on Ferris State University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Fritz Erickson.

In this entry, Dr. Erickson's transition to Ferris is well documented as is his strong passion for quality education that has been a major part of his life for more than 25 years. In a short period of time, he already has made an impact on the academic culture at Ferris since his hiring was announced by President David Eisler last year.

Dr. Erickson speaks highly of the time he already has spent at Ferris and looks forward to a future helping to build on the strong tradition of academics at the University as focused on in Faces of Ferris:
Fritz Erickson quickly realized he and his family found a great new home as he accepted an opportunity to become Ferris State University's new provost and vice president for Academic Affairs last year.

Passionate about education, Erickson came to appreciate that Ferris' educational mission was closely aligned with his own strong teaching and learning values. Erickson, strengthened by more than 25 years of administrative experience in higher education, was heartened to learn strong educational values are both campus and community wide. As a man who has built a career of more than a quarter century in education, Erickson's confidence that he had found a great new home base for himself and his family was further solidified.

"I have been a dean for nine years, and the opportunity to expand my interests and serve as a provost, particularly at Ferris, has great appeal," said Erickson, who served as dean of the College of Professional and Graduate Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay for six years prior to his appointment at Ferris. "Ferris' unique combination of professional and liberal arts programming is a real fit for me along with the opportunity to work with multiple-location programming."
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