Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dr. Joseph Lipar Featured In Latest Edition of Faces of Ferris For Card Wildlife Education Center Work

In the latest edition of the Faces of Ferris series, we take a look at the work of Dr. Joseph Lipar, director of the Card Wildlife Education Center and an assistant professor of Biology at Ferris State University.

Dr. Lipar has done outstanding work in promoting the mission of the Center and helping to bring young people and dollars into the mix.

Here is an excerpt from the Faces of Ferris entry:
Joseph Lipar maintains an ageless zest for his work at Ferris State University.

An assistant professor of Biology and director of the Card Wildlife Education Center, Lipar frequently rekindles his personal fountain of youth any time a group of youngsters visit Ferris to reap the benefits of the Card Wildlife experience. While the Center is open to visitors of all ages, and has its fair share of adults, nothing matches or beats the smiles Lipar sees as groups of boys and girls journey through the 5,000-square-foot facility inside the Arts and Sciences Commons. It is a top-notch educational resource for students of all ages and an eye-opening museum with entertainment value -- particularly for children.

"I think it's the perfect place to take the kids," Lipar said of the Center, which has almost all of its specimens coming from benefactor Roger Card, a 1963 graduate of Ferris' College of Engineering Technology, and his late wife, Debra, who both have hunted animals from around the world. "The museum is used as a resource to learn about biology, to learn about wildlife, to learn about ecology and environmental biology. We have a lot of visitors who come to the Center on their own or as part of a scheduled tour."

For the full Faces of Ferris entry, visit the official Web site here.

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  1. Sounds like he is doing some nice things in the community.