Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ferris Students Enjoy Meijer Madness As They Return To Campus

Ferris State University
students returned to Big Rapids for the start of the Fall 2010 semester just prior to the Aug. 30 start of classes on campus.

As students took the time to move in, over the weekend, Meijer Madness revealed itself as a great distraction for the students to unwind a bit, pick up some prizes and maybe do a little shopping in the big superstore near U.S. 131. Meijer Madness is a great opportunity for students who are moved into the dorms, on-campus apartments or off-campus apartments to begin thinking about hitting the books and pondering those last-minute supplies that were needed prior to Monday.

"It's crazy, it's crazy ... getting out and mingling with all of these people," said Taylor Phillips, a Ferris student from Lake Orion who also is a member of the Bulldog football team. "It's the way to go."

The sixth-annual event was co-sponsored by Meijer, Y102 and Ferris.

Shuttle buses were scheduled to run from the Rankin Student Center Circle, Bond Circle and Merrill/Travis Circle to make sure students from different regions of campus had an opportunity to experience Meijer Madness even if they did not have a personal vehicle or could not find a ride with a friend.

In this piece, Ferris student videographer Chris Wilson captures some of the sights and sounds of Meijer Madness and brings them to you.

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