Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From The President's Desk: Fall Enrollment

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler to the Ferris State University community:
As state support for higher education decreases, it is our students who pay an increasingly larger share of the cost of their education. This fall, tuition will constitute more than 72 percent of University revenue. Currently, overall enrollment is up 419 students and 2,564 credits more than at the same time last year. We are seeing record growth in Grand Rapids, at Kendall, at other state locations and on-line.

The same is not true in Big Rapids, which presently has 48 students and 1,157 credits fewer than at this same time last year. The greatest concern is in continuing students where we are running 209 students and 1,157 credits behind last year. It seems likely we’re seeing existing students squeezed by the slow economy and the increased cost of their education. If you talk to students as I do, you hear many stories of second and third jobs and the challenge of juggling those while maintaining grades.

Enrollment is a critical component of our finances, and historically we have enrolled a significant number of students during the last week before classes begin. Anything that discourages students from enrolling or attending in the fall will have significant budget repercussions. Every 1,000 Student Credit Hours equate to about $330,000 in revenue, and 100 full-time students represent nearly a million dollars in revenue. I am hopeful that we will close this enrollment gap over the next few weeks, but if this does not happen we will need to reduce our budget even further beyond the reductions received from the state.
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