Friday, August 20, 2010

The Week In Pictures At Ferris State University

Take a look at some images of things happening here on campus this week at Ferris State University.

In this batch of photos, there are images of Bulldog football and women's soccer practice, the opening of the new East Campus Suites and more.

Check out all of the images here, but look below for a few of the pics. A special thanks goes out to Bill Bitzinger and Ed Hyde, of FSU Photographic Services, for supplying us this week's pics.

Ferris State University football players stretch during a session of practice in Big Rapids. The team is in preparation for its season opener on Sept. 3 at Hillsdale College.

It's just like being at home. Here we see explanations of all the good things student residents of the new East Campus Suites will enjoy.

How Suite It Is. Ferris State University had all kinds of treats for members of the campus and local communities toured the new East Campus Suites.

Beautifying the campus is an ongoing task at Ferris State University as the anticipation of the return of students to Big Rapids grows.

Ferris State University women's soccer players work on their skills during a practice session in Big Rapids at the FSU Soccer Field.

Ferris State University student Micah Otteson (with some other guy in the background... Sandy Gholston) smile for the camera during the East Campus Suites Open House.

The Week In Pictures can be accessed here.

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