Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From The President's Desk: More On State Budget Issues

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler to the Ferris State University community:
This past academic year I spent much time trying to raise awareness about the relationship between the slumping economy, declining state support of education, rising tuition and how this insidious cycle is making the pursuit of a college degree ever more difficult. Without a well-prepared new workforce, Michigan will be stuck in this cycle of diminishing expectations.

In subsequent messages I will keep you abreast of state budget developments and their impact on our University. For now, I don’t want to begin the semester on too somber a note. Let me simply remind you that the state continues to face budget deficits, still has not approved this year’s budget and continues to rely on federal economic stimulus dollars which will be gone next year.

Since 2001, Ferris has been the fastest growing university in Michigan, yet only one other school has restrained tuition more than we have during that time. Our cost to educate a student (tuition plus state support) has gone up an average 2.6 percent a year. In the face of our economic challenges we clearly are doing something right. Actually, as one can see from our “Share Your Success” meetings and Good News reports, we are doing many things right.
Check back for more items from the desk of the president here on the Ferris State University Blog.

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