Wednesday, September 22, 2010

From the President's Desk: More On The Significance Of East Campus Suites

Ferris State University, has already officially introduced the new East Campus Suites. Below are some words about the new Suites. (FSU Photographic Services/Ed Hyde)

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler to the Ferris State University community regarding the positive enrollment numbers for the Fall 2010 semester:
The new East Campus Suites student residences are an important step forward in our ongoing efforts to make Ferris the University of choice for students from Michigan, the Midwest and beyond. Today education is becoming more of a commodity with students picking up courses on-line or at a community college. Ferris provides quality education in these formats and settings, but for many students, especially traditionally aged students, there are great benefits to the environment for intellectual and personal growth a residential campus provides.

The East Campus Suites were a $22 million project with the bonding costs financed through the room rates paid by the student residents who live there. The project was completed at $2.7 million below the estimated cost. These remaining bond funds have been shifted to the Arts and Sciences Mechanical Systems Project and for updates to existing residence hall facilities.
In the last few years we have worked hard to upgrade our campus here in Big Rapids seeking to make it an academic destination for students. Academically we have done this through the living/learning spaces created in the IRC, the renovation of more than 75 classrooms and laboratory spaces, and now through the new Optometry Building rising on our campus.

While we work to maintain and update our residence halls, it is worth remembering they were all constructed before 1970, when Victor Spathelf was president of Ferris. The East Campus Suites create the type of modern living facilities that will attract students to Big Rapids and keep them living on our campus.

In designing and renovating facilities we stress the construction of common spaces outside the classroom where learning and collaboration can take place anywhere and anytime. In addressing quality of life issues for our students, we have also tried to create living, learning environments that are vital and relevant to our students’ needs. Student Government President Morgan Toms noted that East Campus Suites is an expression of pride and a concrete example of the University looking out for student interests.

We worked closely with our partners Granger Construction and the architectural firm of TowerPinkster to create a building that is not only beautiful and conducive to learning, but energy-efficient as well. The East Campus Suites are our first LEED certified building, meeting the criteria for the Gold standard. This reflects our strategic goal to make the University more energy efficient and environmentally sound.
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Don't forget about the videos shot by University Advancement and Marketing:

This video is from the ribbon-cutting ceremony:

This video is a sneak peak at the inside of the new East Campus Suites:

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