Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PORTRAITS OF COURAGE: Latinos Shaping A Nation

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues at Ferris State University, there will be a program hosted this evening (Sept. 28) in G. Mennen Williams Auditorium at 7 p.m.

PORTRAITS OF COURAGE: Latinos Shaping a Nation
is a brand new live play that showcases the lives of several Latinos who have made vital contributions to American culture and society. Two actors portray historically-based characters who have influenced science, civil rights, sports, the economy, the Armed Services, labor relations, education, and the arts. It is an awe-inspiring work that will open your eyes to the amazing people who helped make America what it is today. In a 65 minute presentation, you will meet:

Roberto Clemente - Category: SPORTS - was a superhero of Baseball. He died in 1972 while en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

Rafael Cordero
- Category: EDUCATION - created the first Multicultural school in the world allowing for free schooling of children regardless of race.

A Young Soldier
- Category: ARMED FORCES - walks us through a discussion of Latino involvement in the armed services (taking us through the history of the military) being the first Latino Medal of Honor winner in the Vietnam War.

Andrea Perez
- Category: CIVIL RIGHTS - tells us her story of Perez v. Sharp where she struck down the miscegenation law in California allowing for interracial marriages.

Luisa Moreno
- Category: CIVIL RIGHTS - traversed America becoming the only Latina to rise to executive rank in a major union when she was elected the Vice President of the United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing and Allied Workers.

A Migrant Farmworker
- Category: ECONOMICS & IMMIGRATION - describing their effect on America’s current workforce and economy.

is a series of historically-based presentations produced by Will & Company, a Los Angeles based theatre company that tours the nation with classical theatre and new works that deal with contemporary issues of acceptance. Committed to its mission of “actors reflective of their audience”, Will & Company seeks to represent the country by promoting and presenting artists of diverse ethnicities, genders, orientation and abilities.

This event is free to all Ferris students and the Big Rapids community. This event is made possible by the Hispanic Stuent Organization (HSO), Office of Administration and Records, Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS), the Student Activity Fee as allocated by the Finance Division of Student Government, and the Hispanic Heritage Month Planning Committee.

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