Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learn More About Career Services At Ferris State University

In Career Services, students have a resource to strengthen themselves as they prepare to enter a competitive job market after graduation from Ferris State University.

Learn more about what Ferris State University's Career Services division can do for students entering the job market.

Here is the letter that greets people:
Welcome, we hope you are finding all that you came here for. The Career Services office prides itself in offering assistance to everyone through-out the never ending career development process. Whether you are a freshman not sure of where to start, a senior trying to figure out how to negotiate salary with a new employer, or an alumni deciding to change careers; we are here to help you! The career development process also requires support from other important people such as faculty, staff, employers, internship coordinators and we are here to collaborate with you too!

The 2010 – 2011 academic year remains focused on the core value of opportunity
. Career Services has been hard at work all summer creating new programming and networking events to increase your opportunities. Things to look for this year:

Increased visibility of Bulldog CareerLink – Your gateway to career opportunities!

Federal Opportunities Fair – collaboration with other universities to offer an opportunity for you to talk with federal employers in Grand Rapids.

Career Advantage Series – hot career topics with more variety of presenters

Professional Career and Leadership Conference – your chance to build your resume by attending a formal conference event teaching you about the impact of leadership on career success.

I challenge everyone to increase their career opportunities by doing one or all of the following this year.

Visit the job fair or call and talk to an employer you do not know.

Join a student group or professional organization to meet new people and fine-tune your leadership skills.

Have your resume critiqued

Visit the Career Services office and see what we can do for you!

Have a great year. I look forward to seeing you.

Angie Roman
Coordinator of Career Services, Ferris State University
Check out the Career Services Web site, here.

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