Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tech Tour Day Five: Fantastic Ferris State Tech

Ferris State University students hard at work in the welding lab.

Tuesday’s Tech Tour stop was Ferris State University in Big Rapids, a highly technical school in Big Rapids, a pretty, historical town on the southern edge of the Manistee National Forest (and thus, on the southern edge of what most Michiganders think of as Up North).

The vibe here is serious, no nonsense, but play just as hard as you work, with the great outdoors close by. For instance, the on-campus Holiday Inn is the only place I’ve ever stayed where one of the hotel maids complained that she’d rather be bowhunting.

And I have to say, kudos to Leah Nixon, assistant director of news services at Ferris State, who planned my tour stop. I don’t think anyone has ever packed as much information into a five-hour visit in Tech Tour history.

And while the college doesn’t do much official sponsored research, it works on technical projects with area employers, assisting them every day.

For the full story, visit WWJ News Radio 950's Web site for the complete story:

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