Monday, November 29, 2010

The Child To Be Shown On Campus In IRC 120 Tonight (Nov. 29)

Tonight, there will be a special airing of "The Child" at Ferris State University in IRC 120 beginning at 7 p.m.

"The Child" is a documentary that explores the current state of parental rights in America. An unseen battle is developing between the rights of parents and the authority of the government to direct the upbringing and education of children.

Children will always need parental authority governing their lives; the big question is this: Who will make those decisions – parents or government?

Decisions that we have traditionally considered to be well within the realm of basic parental rights – such as where our children will go to school, what curriculum they will learn from, and where they will go to church – are in danger of becoming the domain of the government. The greatest threats, at this time, are from international law and our own judicial system.

"The Child" explains what parental rights are, how they are being threatened, what the consequences will be, and what can be done to defend the rights of American parents to raise their children in liberty and peace.

Featured in the film are interviews with experts, leaders, and sadly, parents and children who have already experienced the pain and consequences of misguided government intervention in their family.

This film is unique in its strong support for the traditional family as it portrays the beauty of childhood, and the necessary role of parents. The institution of the family has become almost a thing of the past in America, and the very idea of parenthood is under attack from many different directions.

America is at a turning point. It is vitally important to the survival of our nation that American citizens realize how much they stand to gain or lose on this one issue alone because it is not just “an issue” - it is a battle for the future.

For more information, call (231) 679-5916 or look up the FSU Truth Project on Facebook.

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