Friday, December 10, 2010

So, Who Wants To Be Brutus The Bulldog?

Here is Brutus the Bulldog during a football game at Ferris State University's Top Taggart Field.

The Bulldog mascot is a tradition among Ferris State University sports fans.

The Bulldog has been Ferris State’s official mascot since 1930, when the name was applied to the Ferris Institute basketball team. At the time, a sportswriter became impressed by the way Coach Bill McElwain’s team was winning close games with defense. He described the tough defense as “hanging on like a bulldog.”

During an eight-game winning streak McElwain began referring to his team as the “Bulldogs,” and the name stuck.

The Bulldog mascot helps create excitement for and promotes the University as well as Bulldog Athletics at a variety of alumni and university events. The Bulldog mascot is expected to work alone and with the cheer squad, dance team, and pep band to get the crowd involved, as well as to interact closely with fans at these events. The mascot plays an important role in promoting Bulldog Athletics and building strong community relations. Mascot positions are awarded on an annual basis. The Ferris State University Mascot Program, administered by the Student Alumni Gold Club, is seeking qualified applicants for the rest of the 2010 and following academic year. Applicants should be:

• Leaders
• Spontaneous
• Entertainers
• Dedicated
• Disciplined
• In good physical condition
• Creative
• Responsible

If you meet these criteria and have a great love for Ferris State University Bulldog Athletics and the University as a whole, then you are encouraged to apply. Mascot responsibilities and duties, as well as scholarship funds, are divided among all students serving as mascots.

Appearances are made at all varsity sporting events and several post season events which require travel. The mascot also appears at all Admissions Office Dawg Day events, all Homecoming events and several United Way events. Other appearances will be made for a variety of charity, University, and community events. Students serving as the mascot will become official members of the Student Alumni Gold Club and will be required to attend their bi-weekly meetings, as well as be involved in other events sponsored by them.

The Bulldog mascot also maintains a University email account ( The mascot also maintains a Facebook account with the assistance of the Bulldog Mascot Committee.

Benefits of serving as the Bulldog mascot include the following:

• Scholarship (amount depends on the number of students serving as the mascot)
• Ferris State University apparel
• Varsity sports tickets
• Access to the Bulldog Varsity Athletics Weight Room and trainer
• Other benefits as they become available, such as attendance at special events arranged by the Alumni Office.

If you are interested in serving as the Bulldog mascot, please submit the application (from the link below) By 5 p.m., Wednesday Jan. 12 2011 Alumni Relations Office, Room 101 in the Prakken Building A possible interview and tryout will be held on Saturday, Jan. 15.

If chosen for a tryout you will be contacted by the mascot coordinator, if possible attempt to keep that day free.

Application link:

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