Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ferris Authorizes Cyber Charter School

Michigan parents now have a new educational opportunity for their children. Ferris State University is establishing a K-12 cyber charter school with Connections Academy of Baltimore, Md.

The cyber charter school is designed to provide another option for students outside of the traditional classrooms found in charter, private and public schools.

A unique component of the cyber charter school is individualized instruction with lessons tailored to a student’s strengths and weaknesses, along with group instruction. The benefits of an individualized education are live, teacher-led lessons; interactive teacher/student phone consultation; video teachlets; and an in-house learning coach, who is usually a trained parent/guardian or adult family member.

As Ferris celebrates its first 125 years of providing educational opportunities, the words of its founders still ring true as the university begins its second 125-year journey: “Education for all the people, all the time.”

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ferris Helps Prepare Next Generation of Community College Leaders

Are you considering a career in community college leadership? Ferris State University’s recently approved and accredited Educational Doctorate in Community College Leadership is the program for you.

It’s the combination of courses from the colleges of Business, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Professional and Technological Studies that provide the business core and interdisciplinary approach which establish this program.

The Ferris Doctor of Education focuses specifically on community college leadership making this degree unlike any other higher education degrees offered in Michigan.

With its distinctive mix of degrees, from associate to doctoral, Ferris understands and is poised to help the next generation of community college leaders tackle an increasingly complex set of challenges.

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