Friday, June 11, 2010

Outstanding Graduate: Angie Knoertzer

Mecosta County has sent Ferris State University no shortage of outstanding graduates over the years.

This spring, Ferris proudly told the story of one of its brightest and best, Chippewa Lake's Angie Knoertzer.

Here is a brief except from a story originally published in the Spring 2010 edition of the Ferris newsletter Points of Pride and later posted on the News Services Web site.

Growing up, college was not at the forefront of Angie Knoertzer’s mind, the first person in her family to attend college. In fact, it wasn’t until her junior year of high school she even considered college an option.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” she says. “I didn’t know I needed college.”

It was basketball coach Jim Lake who encouraged thoughts of a college education. “He told me, ‘You’re going to college.’”

That’s why Knoertzer feels it’s so important for high schoolers to get involved. She credits her engagement in extracurricular activities at the high school level as a catalyst for her endeavors as a college student.

Fast forward to 2010 and the Chippewa Lake native has earned her bachelor’s degree in Recreation Leadership and Management, and associate degree in Printing Management. None of which would have been possible without the support of her family, she says.

For the full story, check it out on the News Services Web site, here.

To view the story online (as well as features on Ferris' other top spring graduates), in Points of Pride, visit here.

Fall 2010 Welcome Back Week ... Events You Don't Want to Miss!

It seems like a long ways off, but in reality the return of our Ferris State University students to campus, for the fall semester, will be here before we know it.

As a result, plans for Fall 2010 Welcome Back Week (Aug. 23-27) already are in the works here at Ferris. The theme is "Student Success: Leaving Nothing to Chance."

Here is a note being distributed around campus:
Fall 2010 Welcome Back Week -- Events You Don't Want to Miss!

“Student Success: Leaving Nothing to Chance”
Aug. 23, 25
A rich and varied set of sessions -- from panel discussions to poster presentations to working sessions -- is planned for these two days. More details are forthcoming.

In the meantime...

We invite faculty and staff to submit proposals for poster presentations on the topic of national and Ferris best practices and exemplars of successful student retention efforts. The poster session will complement the other activities planned for the “Student Success: Leaving Nothing to Chance” event.

The poster session, which is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 23, from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m., is designed to provide faculty and the broader University community an opportunity to learn about effective student retention efforts both nationally and at Ferris. We hope the examples described in the poster session provide ideas and strategies that others, in turn, can adopt or adapt for use in meeting their specific student retention challenges. Of course, we would like you to be present during this session to discuss your poster with those in attendance.

We hope you will consider submitting a proposal with the following information:
  • A title
  • A description or summary (please aim for, say, 100 words) of how the topic of your poster addresses the theme of national or Ferris best practices and exemplars of successful student retention efforts.
Please submit your proposals by e-mail to by July 9. Notification regarding acceptance will be July 16.
Thank you for considering this invitation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

- Bill Potter, dean of University College, and Todd Stanislav, director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
Get involved in this great opportunity as we look forward to the return of students for the Fall 2010 semester.

If You're Seeking Employment, Be Sure To Check Out What Ferris State University Has To Offer

Are you looking for a career opportunity in a college atmosphere? If so, check out what Ferris State University has to offer.

Learn more about employment opportunities at Ferris by visiting the Human Resources Web site for everything you need to know. Whether you're a job seeker, you're just getting started at Ferris or you're well established - there is something here for you.

Here's the Web site's opening statement:

Thank you for your interest in Ferris State University, a pioneer in career-oriented education since 1884, and welcome to our employee recruitment Web site. At Ferris, we strive to make a difference in our students' lives with more than 170 academic degrees offered through our colleges of Allied Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Services, Optometry, Pharmacy, Professional and Technological Studies, and Engineering Technology.

Among the cornerstones supporting our University's success has been and continues to be our commitment to recruiting and retaining dedicated and professional faculty and staff who passionately work with our students in a variety of capacities to keep them on a path to success. Ferris employees benefit from a high caliber of resources and facilities bigger schools typically offer, but in a relaxed small-town and small-campus setting where education and the success of our students are a far more personal and hands-on process.

Take the next step in your career and see what Ferris has to offer:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr. Trishanjit Kaur Of Punjab University In India Discusses The Role Of Women In Her Native Country

Dr. Trishanjit Kaur, of Punjab University in India, spoke on the topic "The Role of Women in 21st Century India: Traversing the Crossroads of Tradition and Modernity" on Wednesday, June 9, on the Ferris State University campus.

Sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office, International Center, Global Initiative for Cultural Awareness, FLITE and the Department of Languages and Literature, Kaur led an engaged group of students, faculty and staff in a discussion about women in India.

As the title of the presentation indicated, the discussion revolved largely around the role of women in modern India in contrast to earlier times.

As promised, the question-and-answer portion of the presentation was engaging and entertaining as a number of topics were addressed relative to the role of women and the interactions between men and women in India.

Those in attendance also had an opportunity to enjoy pizza and pop, for free, as part of an event that featured a good cross section of the campus community.


Ferris Continues Work On Old Federal Building Project In GR For Kendall College of Art And Design

Rapid Growth Media development news editor Deborah Johnson Wood published an article that quotes Ferris State University Vice President for Advancement and Marketing John Willey (pictured) on the progress toward acquiring the Old Federal Building in Grand Rapids for Kendall College of Art and Design.

Here is an excerpted portion of the article:
Plans are far from complete, but officials at Kendall College of Art and Design say they're working to get approvals by summer's end for a $27.9 million reconfiguration of the Old Federal Building into a creative space where the college, the public and the arts intersect.

"Kendall is growing and like any flourishing college involved with the arts, creative space is so important," says John Willey, Ferris State University's vice president for university advancement and marketing. Kendall is Ferris State's creative arts and design college. "

For about seven years we've been thinking about how we could expand in a meaningful way," he says. "Because of the federal building's proximity to Kendall (17 Fountain St. NW) and to our other building at 25 Lyon, we're thinking it would help connect several pieces that we're trying to do with Kendall College in downtown Grand Rapids."
For the complete article, visit:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Note To Alums ... And All Others Too ... Check Out Bulldog Bytes

No matter how far our alums travel after their days at Ferris State University, one thing is for certain: there's still a little (or a LOT of) Bulldog in all of them.

One way to satisfy your inner Bulldog is by checking out Bulldog Bytes online. It's a great resource to learn about upcoming activities put on by the Ferris State University Alumni Relations Office.

Bulldog Bytes, celebrating 10 years of bridging the gap between our alums and the University, gladly welcomes input. To offer suggestions or any comments, please contact the editor, Mary Kay MacIver, at

Please note if the links do not work, please copy and paste them into your browser.

Check Out President Eisler's Welcome Video For Those Coming To Ferris

In this exciting time, with the start of new-student orientation activities just around the corner, take a minute to view Ferris State University President Dave Eisler's video that welcomes people to campus.


From The President's Desk: Changes To Public Schools Employees Retirement System

Significant changes have been made in the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System, or MPSERS.

Beginning July 1, all MPSERS employees will begin to contribute three percent of their salary toward retiree healthcare. For those now eligible to retire, the annual benefit multiplier is increased from 1.5 to 1.6 percent for employees retiring on or before Aug. 31, who apply to the state by June 11. For long-term employees this can be a significant increase in their retirement income. A little-reported detail is that this increase in retirement income will be the financial responsibility of our University, an unfunded mandate from the state.

Employees eligible to retire should have received a letter from MPSERS.

Additional information about the legislation is at the state’s Web site for the Office of Retirement Services at .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grand Rapids Press Writer Explores Issue Of Cyber School Funding

Virtual classrooms could be the wave of the future in the eyes of a growing number of people. However, there are burning questions being asked by people as illustrated in an article written by Dave Murray of the Grand Rapids Press (June 8).

Here is an excerpt of Murray's article, titled "Should cyber charter schools get the same per-student state aid as traditional schools?" published today:

Should the new virtual charter schools get the same per-student state grant that traditional charters receive?

Grand Valley and Ferris state universities recently became the first in the state to authorize virtual charters, and it’s likely that others will follow suit.

Carol Pogash of the New York Times last week looked at the growth of such schools nationally, reporting that there are 200,000 full-time virtual charter school students.

She raised an interesting point, noting there are a “host of unanswered questions about a system that seemingly requires little overhead. There are no libraries, cafeterias, playgrounds, coaches, janitors, nurses, buses or bus drivers — but can cost taxpayers per student as much as or more than traditional public schools.”

For Murray's full article, visit:

Role of Woman in 21st Century India: Traversing the Crossroads of Tradition and Modernity

Ferris State University is going global again in an effort to expose students, faculty and staff to issues of global significance on Wednesday, June 9, at 3 p.m.

Dr. Trishanjit Kaur of Punjab University, India will discuss the interesting and important role women play in leading India into the 21st Century where traditions can clash with a rapidly developing, technological culture in FLITE 408 on the Ferris campus.

Sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office, International Center, Global Initiative for Cultural Awareness, FLITE and the Department of Languages and Literature.

Anyone needing special accommodation for this event, please call
Shana Beisiegel at (231) 591-2824 or ext. 2824 on campus. Contact Shana by e-mail at

Join in this special event that includes free pizza, pop and a lively question-and-answer period.