Friday, September 10, 2010

Faculty Center For Teaching And Learning Offers Important Services

There's a lot that goes into instructing courses for our faculty here at Ferris State University.

Thanks to Ferris' Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty have a large number of resources at their disposal to assist them in instruction of FSU students.

In this video, FCTL staff discuss some of their individual areas of responsibility in the Center. The staff includes Todd Stanislav, who serves as director; Bea Griffith-Cooper, instructional designer; Meegan Lillis, instructional technologist; and Laurie Daniels, who is the first point of contact as secretary of the office.

These interviews took place during the summer as the FCTL was working on orientation for new faculty and welcoming back returning faculty.

For more about the FCTL, visit the Web site at

Chasing the Dream Part 5: Chris Wilson Discusses Fatherhood

Ferris State University
student-athletes arrive on campus with all kinds of hopes and dreams of how they can best utilize their dual status as students and as athletes.

In this fifth installment of the Chasing the Dream series, Ferris football student-athlete Chris Wilson shows a more personal side as he talks about his feelings for his young daughter and how much she has taught him about life, responsibility and unconditional love.

"I just love every day of it. She's such a good girl, she is only 10 months walking and talking and saying words," Wilson said. "It's just amazing."

Throughout this series, Chris will discuss his goals, dreams, talents and challenges as he performs a juggling act as an adult.In addition to being a football student-athlete, Chris is a soon-to-be graduate of Ferris' Television and Digital Media Production program.

Here is the fifth video of the continuing series as we see beyond what happens on the field in the life of this student-athlete.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Speaker Violeta Seferian Discusses Uruguay at Ferris State University

Violeta Seferian
, of the Fulbright Commission Office in Uruguay and Educational Advisor for Education USA will make a presentation about her country, was on campus at Ferris State University in Big Rapids (Thursday, Sept. 9).

Seferian, who was introduced by Chris Vonder Haar (an associate professor in Languages and Literature at Ferris), enjoyed her time in Big Rapids and looks forward to a return trip.

"I am happy to be here with you and I have fallen in love with Ferris during these three weeks," she said during her 50-minute presentation in the Starr Educational Center. "I will miss it and I will miss you all and I promise I will come back."

Seferian spoke about her country as part of the Ferris Fulbrighters ongoing series related to international events and topics.

The presentation was co-sponsored by Ferris' Office of International Education.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From The President's Desk: Enrollment Numbers

Ferris State University's campus is buzzing with new and returning students jamming places like the Rock Cafe here in Big Rapids. Ferris recently released its enrollment numbers and the results are meeting with positive reaction. (Photo/FSU Photographic Services)

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler (pictured) to the Ferris State University community regarding the positive enrollment numbers for the Fall 2010 semester:
Official enrollment numbers are in and the news is truly remarkable. We set records with our headcount numbers overall, in Big Rapids, online and at Kendall College of Art and Design. Overall Student Credit Hours are also at record levels, although credit hours on the Big Rapids campus are down 1,300. Our growth is not limited to one factor, but comes through a number of strengths. We are attracting more freshmen, more transfer students, retaining more students, and doing so by providing multiple points of access to the education we provide at Ferris State University. Our students are better prepared and we are seeing success in attracting more students of diverse backgrounds. Here are highlights from our enrollment report:

Headcount –
· 14,381 overall, up 516 or 3.72 percent
· 9,931 in Big Rapids, up 66 or .67 percent
· 1,419 at Kendall, up 34 or 2.45 percent
· 622 in on-line programs, up 245 or 65 percent

New Students –
· Freshman students up 114 or 5.08 percent
· Freshman students in Big Rapids up 74 or 3.92 percent
· Transfer students up 231 or 13.77 percent
· Transfer students in Big Rapids up 111 or 13.09 percent
· Entering freshman ACT average increased from 21.1 to 21.4

Credit Hours –
· 166,682, up 3,157 or 1.93 percent
· 125,864.5 in Big Rapids, down 1,300 or -1.02 percent

Race and Ethnicity –
· African American, up 69 or 7.77 percent
· Hispanic, up 44 or 14.85 percent
· Two or more races, up 112 or 180.65 percent

Of all these numbers one of the most exciting is our first to second-year retention of bachelor degree students, which is up four percent to 75 percent and is the highest retention level in Ferris history.

These retention figures underline our success in working together across many different programs, departments and colleges. Attracting students, and especially retaining them, requires the concerted efforts of the entire Ferris community. Thank you all.

Within this team effort, however, special congratulations are due to Dan Burcham and the admissions group for their hard work in attracting new students to our campus, making these very heartening numbers a reality. A copy of the 4th day enrollment report may be accessed here –
Check back for more items from the desk of the president here on the Ferris State University Blog.

Looking At Ferris State University's Role In Cyber Education

Is there a growing trend of cyber schools taking hold here in West Michigan? The Grand Rapids Press has an interesting story you should check out about cyber education and the efforts being made by schools like Ferris State University. (Photo/FSU Photographic Services)

Below is a portion of an article written by Kym Reinstadler of the Grand Rapids Press regarding the efforts of West Michigan-based schools going cyber.

Here is an excerpt:

What's new in school? Cyber almost everything.

Students starting the year today will find new technologies blowing apart the "brick and mortar" concept of schools. Local districts are moving fast from dabbling in computers to embracing smart technology for new ways to help students learn.

• Both Grand Valley and Ferris State universities expect to reach the 400-student enrollment cap at their new charter cyber schools. Students from across the state are enrolling, including kids from greater Grand Rapids.
Check out the full Grand Rapids Press article by clicking here.

Michael Wade Speaks Passionately To Students About Success

Michael Wade
, assistant director of the Office of Multicultural Student Services at Ferris State University, talks directly to students in this clip from the Transition to Success program that took place on Aug. 30 in the Rankin Student Center Dome Room.

Wade talked passionately to students about working hard at Ferris, getting involved and taking advantage of the people and services designed to assist success.

"Know that you have mentors here who have been there and done that," Wade said at one point during his talk to a diverse group of students. "Our complete staff are Ferris alumni, so we've all been there and done that. We've been student leaders, we've been in organizations, we've been in fraternities, we are in fraternities."

Transition to Success was part of a series of events designed to welcome students back to campus for the start of the Fall 2010 semester.

Uruguay: Education, Traditions, Culture and Tourism

Violeta Seferian of the Fulbright Commission Office in Uruguay and Educational Advisor for Education USA will make a presentation about her country as part of the Ferris Fulbrighters ongoing series of international events at Ferris State University this Thursday (Sept. 9).

Her presentation is co-sponsored by the Office of International Education and takes place at 11 a.m. in Starr 138 on the Big Rapids campus.

For more information, contact Maryanne Heidemann via e-mail at or by phone at (231) 591-2523.