Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Presidents Day Panel: Why I Serve

BIG RAPIDS – From a combat zone to an ordinary college classroom, connect into the thoughts, experiences and memories of Ferris State University veterans.

Join the Political Engagement Project as it presents the 2011 FSU Student and Faculty Veterans, Reservists and Active Duty soldier’s discussion panel on Wednesday, Feb. 23 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Rankin Student Center Dome Room.

Student panelists include: Cory Buter, Steve Neshkoff, Adam Kleine, Nick Grafton, Mark Brejcha and Terry Baldwin. Staff panelists include Adam Forbes and Troy Tissue featuring moderator, Connie Meinholdt.

“I receive the occasional student in my class that is a veteran and has a few struggles. I want to understand better what is going on with those students and what I can do to help. This event is very informative for me especially since I am a Psychology professor,” Meinholdt said.

The event dates back to 2005-06 when Meinholdt had a large student base that were being called into duty, wanting to know more she started the panel.

With half of the United States budget aside for military expenses Meinholdt is curious to know more. She believes students should make their own choices of importance to attend or not but when speaking for herself she said, “I want to know more about a student who just got out of a combat unit which makes for a different experience.”

The event is FREE to both students and the community in honor of Presidents week, sponsored by the Political Engagement Project.

For more information contact Vickie Streeter at (231) 591-2403.

Adam Forbes x2798 Veterans Program Specialist

X3957 Troy Tissue- Associate Director of Admissions

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