Wednesday, March 2, 2011

15th Annual Honors Invitational Competition

Ferris State University hosted the 15th Annual Honors Invitational Competition Feb. 26.

With the help of 74 Honors Program students and many additional volunteers, 300 academically talented high school seniors and 430 parents were given an introduction to the Honors Program.

The following administrators, faculty, staff and students donated their time and talents to make a positive impression of the university.

President David Eisler and VPAA Fritz Erickson
Dean Bill Potter
Honors Program Coordinator Maude Bigford
Honors Program Asst. Coordinator Jana Pisani
Honors Program Asst. Coordinator Kent Sun
Honors Program Assistant Tammy Babcock
Honors Program Staff Support Dawn Cassel
Honors Program Student Recruiter Matt Bottke
Professor Sandy Balkema
Professor David Scott
Mike Johnson, Amy Otteson and Randy Shanks
Professors and staff members: Jim Miller, Robert Friar, Chuck Drake, Jeff Carney, Dan Cronk, David Frank, Michelle Johnston, Brad Isler, Joe Lipar, Jim Rumpf, Paul Long, Jeff Ek, Clayton Rye, Diane Fleming, Pat Klarecki, Larry Schult, Steven Reifert, Linda Kuk, Mary Murnik, Kirk Weller, Deborah Dawson, Mary Brayton, Sayed Hashimi, David Nicol, Ron McKean and Matt Pinter
Troy Tissue
Proctors Shari Chamberlain, Jim Cook, Susan Cook, Jason DaDay, Elise Gramza, Sherry Hayes, Kathy Lake and Nick Maus
Gerri Johnson, Chris Higley and Paul Blake
Stan Vallier and all in catering services
Melanie Mulder, Nancy Wencl and Kristen Salomonson
Trinidy Williams and staff for consummate professionalism
Deb Sweet, Larry Eberts and Mark Schuelke
Honors Invitational Student Co-Chairs Megan Kuk, Liz Schroeder, Kevin Neff and Theresa Buist Karen Bohren
Honors student panelists: Samantha Fordyce, Stacy Brousseau, Alex Senchuk, Corinne English, Ashley Wachowicz, Matt Preston, Danielle Leisner, Luke Rykse
Mark Eichenberg and crew
Hall Director Khayree Williams
Brutus the Bulldog

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