Friday, April 1, 2011

Ferris State Live Show Features Public Health Week Preview And Review Of Men's Basketball's Great Season

In this episode of Ferris State Live, co-hosts Jason DaDay and Leah Nixon preview Public Health Week activities on the Ferris State University campus. Jason and Leah are joined by guest Ziggy Kozicki, a professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences who is helping lead the effort for Public Health Week.

Also on the show, Ferris head men's basketball coach Bill Sall and senior student-athlete Lou Williams join Jason to talk about the great season the team experienced.

Co-host and Executive Producer Sandy Gholston joins Jason to discuss Sibs and Kids Weekend, the “Significant Things” exhibit in the Rankin Center Art Gallery and the Ferris Video Festival - among other topics.

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  1. In this video they are determining the value of the Public Health Week. From this many people had really collect the useful information regarding the public health and that would be great.