Friday, April 15, 2011

Shakespeare's Birthday (Apr. 19)

Since 1996 the Shakespeare’s Birthday celebration at Ferris State University has been a way for students, faculty and staff to mark the birthday of the bard.

The event will be held on Apr. 19 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Quad.

Professor Elizabeth Stolarek first began the Shakespeare’s Birthday celebration in the College of Arts and Sciences atrium as an “All Day Reading of the Sonnets” in which faculty, staff, students and the Big Rapids community would take turns reading Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator Chris Vonder Haar of the Department of Languages and Literature said, “It’s just a fun way for the campus and community to come together to enjoy student performances of selected sonnets and comic scenes, or to join in the hurling of Shakespeare’s insults or, a crowd favorite, to cheer on of the swordfighters.”

The annual observance of Shakespeare’s birthday, believed to have taken place on April 23, 1564, has grown at Ferris including not only the reading of sonnets but also acting out scenes from various Shakespearean plays performed by Ferris students in costumes of that time period.

“Every year, those in attendance are entertained and at the same time learn alittle more about Shakespeare, arguably the greatest poet and playwright in the English language,” VonderHaar said.

Approximately 250 high school students will be in attendance from the Big Rapids High School.

Other local schools have also been asked to attend.

The Languages and Literature department will host the event.

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