Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ferris State Student Awarded Scholarship at Purdue University

Survey Engineering student, Megan M. Miller receives a full ride scholarship award to attend Purdue University.
Miller is a senior in the Surveying Engineering program and has been awarded the Ross Fellowship award from the School of Civil Engineering, Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. 
This is a highly competitive and prestigious award. 
The award package includes a stipend, tuition scholarship and medical insurance supplement for four years of study toward the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geomatics Engineering.
Miller is among two other students within the Surveying Engineering program to receive this award, Joel East and Chad Sonderegger.
Ferris State University has a long standing relationship with Purdue University that extends more than 15 years, with over twenty Surveying Engineering graduates that have been awarded master’s degrees. Three of those graduates are now pursuing PhD’s at The Ohio State University and George Mason University.     
The Ferris State University Surveying Engineering program would like to congratulate Megan Miller along with other graduates of the program who have been elected to continue their educations by obtaining graduate degrees.

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