Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Test Anxiety Workshop to Conquer Stress During Finals

As we approach the end of the fall semester, stress levels for many Ferris students are at an ultimate high, but the Counseling and Disabilities Services along with the University Counseling Center are helping put the issue at ease.

A free test anxiety workshop, focusing on relaxation techniques is being held for students to attend on Thursday, Nov 29 on the second floor of the Birkham Health Center.

“This workshop gives students the opportunity to learn how to get their mind and body relaxed before taking a test,” said Educational Counselor, Julie Rudolph.

Beginning at 11 a.m. and running fifty minutes in length, Rudolph and psychologist, Chris Richmond will be teaching four different relaxation techniques to students. Included in the relaxation techniques are a deep breathing exercise, mindfulness exercise, progress muscle relaxation exercise, and visualization exercise, giving students the opportunity to learn a variety of helpful techniques to conquer stress.

“What’s really great about this is that students are shown a handful of specific techniques they can try to figure out what works best for them,” said Rudolph.

Test anxiety workshops held by the Counseling and Disabilities Services and University Counseling Center are typically held twice a semester and segmented into two parts. The next scheduled workshop is on Tuesday, Feb 5 and Thursday, Feb 7. Part one on Feb 5 will be an informational format. Students will learn what test anxiety actually is, how it happens, and how to control it. Part two on February 7 entails the hands on, behavioral aspect and how individuals can physically handle, or tone down stress. 

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