Monday, April 22, 2013

From The Desk Of President Eisler: Boston Marathon Bombings

President Eisler
Here is a note from the desk of Ferris State University President David L. Eisler discussing the bombings that took place during the Boston Marathon last week:
"The terrible events in Boston this past week included some of the best and worst actions of people toward each other. The violence was something difficult to imagine and to understand – from the initial bombing itself, to the shooting of MIT police officer Sean Collier, and ending with the two separate confrontations, one fatal, that resulted in apprehension of the bombing suspects.
"In the midst of tragedy we also witnessed unselfish acts of bravery and kindness that helped save the lives of people wounded and maimed in the explosions. We saw a spontaneous appreciation for the police officers who risked their lives to capture the suspects and prevent more loss of life. Although far from Michigan, for many of us this was a personal and deeply troubling assault on our public consciousness.
"Please join me in sending thoughts and prayers to those who are struggling with their injuries or whose lives have been irreparably changed. The events in Boston remind us how uncertain life can be and deepen our appreciation for the efforts of our own law enforcement men and women both here on campus and in the community."
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