Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Masselink and Carlisle Halls Come Down

As the summer continues, so does the demolition of Masselink and Carlisle halls as part of the University Center renovation project.

With Masselink almost completely gone, demolition crews will soon start on taking down Carlisle, as well. This is history. If you want to see the continued progress of this project, like Ferris State University on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


  1. Bummer to see FSU tearing down these buildings. I didn't live in these, but I remember them well, and the old stomping grounds seem to change more and more, just for the sake of change. It's sad.

  2. I lived in East Masselink for two years, 1982/83 & 1983/84. So many good memories from Ferris State and Masselink Hall. I visited Ferris last summer and got to see the old dorm one last time. Go Bulldogs!

    Paul June